hello friends today  i talk about topic youtube sponsorship . youtube launch new feature that a youtubers promote his channel and increases his revenue with help of visiter or subscriber.because when consumer or subscriber give some amount of money and youtubers provide best video and increases confidence of youtubers. sponsorship provide support youtubers continuous upload videos and connect with subscriber .youtubers feel youtube as a carrier and give always best result.
youtube sponsor button available on near to subscribe button.

What is udemy .com

hello friends today i talk about topic udemy.com . this is very popular videos website similar as a youtube. but this website videos paid . means you will give some amount of money and download and watch online videos.some people upload yours videos for any extreme knowledge this plateform and earn more money.you make your videos related to technology , food ,fasion, etc.and sell your vedios in udemy .com website . first you upload a demo vedios because many consumers attract yours vedios providing by you and people know about seller .you provide better videos and give best knowlege in your videos then people buy your vedioshow learn a english then many videos are come in youtube website and visiter not gain a proper knowlege. then my suggesion you visit udemy.com and make your account and upload your videos and sell your videos and earn more money in this website.
and seller give trustfull videos. because  when people goes to youtube and search for example .

Email Marketing

Hello friends today I talk about a topic email marking. today email marking is very crazed email marking to help grown your business and earn lot of money. first all people I give a suggestion u make a website or application . And you make  account in  www.mailchip.com  or  www.aweber.com www.mailoctopas.com etc.and create a sign up page or newsletter page through given email service .and you collect bulk email through email services provider .then you start your campaign sell your product and give information about your website and product.and promote your business and grow your business very fast . so you start your business and increases your revenue and profit .if any problem related to email marketing contact me .


Hello friends I am come back today I talk about EVENT BLOGGING  . event blogging is very important blogging for blogger .this blogging you got lot of people come in yours site .for example many people search in google upcoming festival related key that like CHRISTMAS  HAPPY NEW YEAR ralated key .then you write this festival related topic and rank your page then many visiters comes in your site page and yours site traffic and income automatically increase .you will use google keyword planner you see how are topic in trending and you use GOOGLE TRENDS you see all country what topic are trending .then you will write related topic to trends .but event blogging one disadvantage is many people search this key when festival very near .then we can say event blogging you will be generate many traffic at a particular or few day or few month.

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Hallo friends my name SHASHIKANT SINGH today i talk about apps development
apps development many people earn more money through google adsense or adsmob my people make fake and earn money through adsense but many website apps development make very low rating apps and take charge too making apps
my things all people join the course of apps developement first you are learn basic JAVA and then you learn apps development then you make coding to apps development because coding make apps is proving good rating and best theme and good representing apps example . PAYTM  FLIPKART  UC BROWSER
you make many people category apps that like . browsing ,e commerce , marketing ,chatting, dating etc
then you show ads on your ads with help of adsense

Car for Tax Credit

Pratical me, who believe themselves to be quite ex-empt from any intellectual influence, are usualy the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distillilng their frexzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back." These line Manrd Deynes come to mind when observing the recent per-formance of the Reseve Car for Tax Credit with respect to the con-duct of monetary policy. Strenu-ous effort has ben made to lead the citizen to believe that one of the many significant actions of the gov-ernmet of the day is to have moved monetary policy in U.K onto a "modern" plane. Teh centepiece of this claim is that the car Tax its recordon infla-tion. That s, it has been re-configured as an part of this arrangement, it has been st an inflation target of 4% ively, it has been given leeway n the form of a band within which the inflation outcome may lie. The car tax band is wide, ranging from 12% to 16%.

Role of increging Business
The role of busines prices in driving inflation n U.K presently. Thugh the overall con-sumer price ndex is rising at 15% that for Industrial reflecting the fall n the relative price of iax goods we have Thus Honda may have just got lucky over the recent past that commod-ity prices, which nclude domestic-ally produce Busines goods and impotend goods, machenary have grown at a slower pace. so, it is not at all clear that even when the inflation rate was withn the band, t was the RBI's handiwork rather than the hand of the weather goods n evid-ence. Champins of inflation tar-getng, obseving the current in inflation rate in U.K are quick to claim victory for the Bank in terms of having anchored in flatioary expectatins, a claim for which the slightest evidence is given. It is to be recognised that even thugh the Bank cannot dir-ectly move business prices, its response to their movement mat-ters. AS market price infaltion rate, the real rate of nterest rises, the real rate of interest rises. If the Bank does not respond with negative consequences for non-markating output. This is exactly what we ob-serve happening of late. WE want to avoid a deflationary spiral.
Top model minimum tax
The model underlyng infation tar-geting is taht inflaction reflects ut-put being greater than the eco-nomely potential, The task now is to bring output back to its potential level via an interest rate hike. A problem with the model is that the potential level of output is unob-servable. MOreover, the potential is believed to be subject to change by the proponents level of output is unvaluable demonstrated in te form of a con-versation that proceds as follows: 
Devloping countries such as n-dia hav an economic structure dif-ferent from the developed ones fo the West for which nflation targeting ws first devied.


Hai friends my name SHASHIKANT SINGH  today i talk about reliance jio phone 
this phone lach with many good property
1- good looking  phone with keypad
2-video payer and mp3 player
3- all features applications my jio app and jio money jio music etc
4-this phone only accept 4G simcard
5-talk and auto deal your members numbers
6- talk and play video player and mp3 player
7-pess long keypad then go emergeny massege to your members
8-this   phone connecct to t.v with help of wire cable 
 but this phone ragistration will be start 15 AUGUST and first phones delivery start 23AUGUST but few condition  you buy this phone first condition you will pay 1500 rupees to buy this phone and when 3 years old you return phone then return your 1500rupees
 today mukesh ambani  talk about your jio plan success story and his child ASISH ambani talk about this feacured  phone
mukesh ambani say this time india top in all country to use mobile data and increses user per 10 second in day and data speed very fast to other data provide company he talk last 16 month user use 120GB 
today 12.5 cr user use jio and he make oder 50 cr jio phone and increases more users connect to jio
but this time jio service end of all user and new tariff  are given below
1- 399 jio 84GB FOR 84 DAY
2-349 JIO 20 GB FOR 56 DAY
3-309 JIO 56GB FOR 56 DAY
4-509 JIO 56GB FOR 112DAY
5-999 JIO 90GB FOR 90 DAY
6-1999 JIO 125 GB FOR 90 DAY